1:250K Scale Digital maps covering all of SA

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Download maps topographic digital 4WD maps covering all of South Australia in ozf3 format ready to be used in OziExplorer PC, OziExplorer Android and OziExplorerCE

Just about all land features in Australia are detailed on these maps:

Major road to public or private track with minimum or no construction
Watercourse, canals, perennial lake, bore, well, wind pump, waterhole, spring, swamp
  Cultural features
Pipelines, tanks, homesteads, ruins, landmarks, fence, quary, mine
State & territory borders, reserves and prohibited areas
Tracks, stations, sidings and abandoned lines
Forest, scrubland, rain forest, plantation, orchard
  Aircraft facilities
Airport, landing strip, helipad
  Offshore & Coastal features
Boat ramp, lighthouse, reef, shoal, wreck, coastal flat, mangrove
Elevation, sand dunes, cliffs, sand ridges, pinnacle and contour lines with values.



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ozi explorer maps

South Australia Topographic maps for OziExplorer - Download

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