+ Austalian Topographic Maps
+ BonusOziExplorer PC Trial Version


Ifyou want real time tracking and moving maps on your laptop this is the perfect companionfor using with OziExplorer PC when four wheel driving. 


 USB GPS Antenna
Highly sensitive GPSreceiver with low power consumption.  It will work well placed on the dashboard or is easy to magnetically attach to the top of a vehicle.

- USB interface 
-SiRF Star III architecture 
- Non slip rubber pad with a magnetic mounting. 

Geoscience 1:250K Raster Map Series
NATMAPDigital maps are digital copies of the paper map series.  The cover thewhole of Australia at 1:250 000 scale with more referenced land features thanjust about any other map.  

These maps retail for $59 on their own.

OziExplorer PC Demo Version

With OziExplorer running and your laptop connected to the GPS receiver, your position is plotted on the map providing real time tracking ability (moving map).  

OziExplorer PC can be utilised for many off road mapping functions, route creation, setting waypoints, data collecting and much more.   

Note   - This is a demo version and has limitations until you pay for and register the product at the OziExplorer website.

USB GPS Receiver
Driver CD
Digital topographic maps covering all of Australia
Demo version of OziExplorer PC

1.   Frequency:L1, 1575.42 MHz 
2. Tracks up to 20 satellites.    
3. Tracking sensitivity: -160 dBm 
Acquisition Sensitivity: -143 dBm 
4.  Acquisition time (average) 
Cold Start: 42 seconds, 
Warm Start: 38 seconds,  
Hot Start: 1 seconds,  
5. Interface :USB
USB connector. Cable length: 1.1M 
Protocol: NMEA-0183 / SiRF Binary (default NMEA)  
Baud Rate: default 4800 bps
?4800   / 9600 / 19200 / 115200 / 38400
6. Environmental Characteristics  
Operation temperature: -10 ~ +70. 
Storage temperature: -40 ~85







USB GPS Receiver + Australian Maps for OziExplorer

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